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Songwriting Mode!

Maybe you wonder why we don´t have so many news at present? The reason is, we have played a row of shows for the release Of „Hell Beyond Hell“ and now we will relax for a few days. We already recorded „Hell Beyond Hell“ over year ago and this time we don´t want you to wait for four years until we release another album, so we will check out ideas and riffs from Martin, Jan and Günny in the coming month and start to make demos.
Furthermore we will prepare a complete special setlist for our anniversary show in December in Hamburg. Besides playing „Law Of The Blade“ from front to back, we will also check out a lot of songs we didn´t play for a while or we didn´t play at all before. So
So a lot of creative work in front of us!

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Latest Review Update for „Hell Beyond Hell“

Here are again some more reviews from around the world for „Hell Beyond Hell“. Check them out!

Metal Asylum – US – 7.5/10

Metal Wani – IN – 8.2/10

Metal Is Forever – DE – 8/10

Imperium – FI – 6/10

Rockway – GR

Metal Gods TV – UK – 10/10

Tradición Metálica

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We want YOU to book PARAGON!!!

PARAGON - Book Us! - 2016We are always looking for shows. So if you are interested in booking us for a festival or show please check out our Booking page here or contact us on Facebook here.

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And some more reviews for „Hell Beyond Hell“…

Here are some more reviews for „Hell Beyond Hell“:

Totentanz Magazin – DE

Heavy Metal – DK – 9/10

Wings Of Death – NL

True Metal Lives – US – 9/10

Frenzy Fire – UK

Metal – IT

Metalunderground – AT – 4/5

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Next Stop Very `Eavy Festival Netherlands!

After two great shows in Goslar and Oberursel, our next show will be at the Very ´Eavy Festival in the Netherlands. We not played there for a long while so we are really looking forward to kick some ass there again! See you in the front row!PARAGON Very Eavy 2016

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First Shows 2016 start tomorrow!!!

We will play our first show tomorrow in Goslar at Klub Kartel with Darkness, Eradicator and Darkness. Check out all our coming shows here
PARAGON Shows 2016.

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Latest Reviews for „Hell Beyond Hell“

Here are all reviews we collected the last days. Check them out:

Bleeding4Metal – DE – 8.5/10

Streetclip TV – DE – 8/10

Valhalla – SK – 8/10

Suffissocore – IT

The Pit – DE – 8.5/10

Mundo Inominavel – PT

Disfactory – IT – 70/100

Roxx 2 Metal – PT

All Around Metal – IT – 4/5

Iyezine – IT – 7.8/10

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Special Signed „Hell Beyond Hell“ Digipack & Patch Editions

We still have a few of the limited singend Digipack & Patch Special Edition CDs in stock. These will not be available at any retailers! You can order the remaining copies as well as special priced CD & T-Shirt bundles here.
Hell Beyond Hell SE Edition Front Hell Beyond Hell SE Edition Back

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First PARAGON Shows 2016!

Hey ho – our album is out now for about two weeks and now it´s time to go on the road. Our first two shows will take place 8th of April 2016 in Klub Kartel / Goslar with Darkness, Godslave & Eradicator and on the 9th of April 2016 at the Taunus Metal Festival VIII in Oberursel.

Check out more details here.

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PARAGON – Official Websites

Here are the links to our official websites. Each one is run by the band and is the official source:

Facebook: The page to interact with us, send us your comments and pictures with Paragon related stuff.

BigCartel: Our official webstore with exclusive merch and CDs.

Twitter: Here you will find the latest news, shows etc. concerning the band.

Soundcloud: Here you will find at least one song of each album for streaming.

Would be great if you add us, follow us, etc. Metal is the law!

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