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PARAGON signs new record deal with Massacre Records!

After our Show at the Bang Your Head in 2017, Thomas Hertler of Massacre Records came to us a offered us a new record contract. To be honest we were a little bit suprised because in this times, you only get signed when you play some shitty kind of Pussy Metal and / or have some ridiculous image. So we thought a little while about it and signed the contract a few weeks ago. We never were very lucky with record labels and most didn´t invest a lot in us, though our sales numbers always were ok. The more we are happy that Thomas and Massacre seem to be willing to invest money and energy into marketing and promotion for Paragon, something most labels we were on, never did. Anyhow, we hope to a successful partnership with the label and we are looking forward to work with them.
At present we are working on the last demos for the next album and hope to enter the studio in November / December of this year for a release in April/May 2019. The new songs sound very aggressive and for sure we put more focus on our Speed Metal roots than before. There will also be a release of a older album for the first time on vinyl, but more about that later!