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PARAGON at Headbangers Night XIV Konken

Exactly one year after the release of our latest album „Hell Beyond Hell“ we will play our first show in 2017 at the Headbangers Night XIV in Konken on the 18th of March 2017. We already played the Headabngers Night II in 2005 and are really looking forward to metalize Konken again! Check out the website of the festival here.

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PARAGON back in Italy 2017!

We are very proud to return to Italy in 2017 for two shows with our friends Airborn and local support bands Iron Jaws, Eregion & Miriad Lights.
Many, many thanks to Alesio from Airborn for organizing these shows! We really hope to see a lot of Italian Metalheads at the shows, sign stuff and drink some beers with you. For April 22nd 2017 you can order tickets here.
Metal is the Law!

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PARAGON in Oberndorf am Lech on 12/05/17

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PARAGON Merch Winter Sale!

We are selling all our merch items for 7.99€ at present. Please check out our Official Merch Store at Big Cartel here!

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PARAGON 2016 Anniversary Show!

Sorry for not posting not too much news the last weeks. Today will be the last rehearsal before we will play our anniversary show in Hamburg at the ship Stubnitz. So we spent the last weeks to rehearse our 22 songs two hour set to deliver the best Paragon show ever. This will really be a night to remember, because the first set will consist of our legendary „Law Of The Blade“ Album from front to back and the second set will be a best of set with some friends and special guests on guitars and vocals. So if you have got no tickets yet check out this link.
after the show we will come out and take photos, sign you merch and have some beers with you. So we are really looking forward to meet a lot of friends this special night!
PARAGON Stubnitz Anniversary Show

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PARAGON Impaler DrumCam Video with Mr. Sören Teckenburg

Check out this cool drumcam video of Sören Teckenburg beating his drums to our song Impaler at the Börsencrash Festival 2016!

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Review „Hell Beyond Hell“ IRON FIST UK

You will find a little review of our latest album „Hell Beyond Hell“ at the page of UK´s IRON FIST  here. Check it out!

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PARAGON Anniversary Show 10th of December 2016

Only about a month left until we hit the stage at the ship Stubnitz in Hamburg to play our 26 anniversary show. This show will be something VERY, VERY special and not a show we will repeat anytime soon. So this will really be a night to remember.
The support will come from Ivory Tower and we will play two sets:
– First set will be our album „Law Of The Blade“ from front to back.
– Second show will be a set of 13 songs including a few we not played before or not played for a long time.
– If everything works out we will have about seven guest that will play and sing some songs with us.
– The location is awesome, just take a look on the pictures of the website of the ship!
– After the show we will have meet and greet at the merch stand. So you can chat with us, take photos or just drink some beers with us
So if you don´t want to miss this one time event get your tickets now! You can buy them HERE.
PARAGON Stubnitz Anniversary Show

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Paragon working on new songs

Sorry if there are not too many news at present. Because of some personal reasons we took a little break for a few weeks and now just started writing songs for the next album. So far we have ideas  and riffs for four numbers and we are working on the arrangements at present. Of course we are also preparing a setlist for the Börsencrash Festival 2016.
Check out and share the flyer!
PARAGON at Börsencrash 2016

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PARAGON at Headbanger´s Open Air 2017

We are confirmed for the 2017 edition of the Headbanger´s Open Air. We were the band who started it all, played the first edition and played several shows at the festival over the years. So we are very happy Thomas Tegelhütter asked us to return for the 20th anniversary in 2017. At present we are thinking about doing something special, but we are not sure yet. So stay tuned!HOA 2017

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