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Thank You Skull Crush III!!!

Yesterday at about 19:00 we finally arrived back home in our home Hamburg after a a 36 hour back and forth drive to the Skull Fest III in Colmar / France. We only slept about six hours, drove about 16 hours and were very tired and exhausted but very happy at the same time. we are almost doing this for 30 years now, and it showed us why we still like to do such adventures: Music keeps people alive, makes friendships, knows no boundaries, hate or animosities. There were people from France, Germany, Poland, Greece and even the UK. And all had a good time and enjoyed the evening. We met so many old and new friends and whish we had more time to talk to all of them a lot more.
For now we want to thank Rikki and Team Headbang for inviting us, the great crew at the Le Grillen especially Stephane Azam for the great sound, Tity and Fanny our beautiful merch girls, the Bands, Dexter Ward, Tantation, Crystal Viper and even they didn´t play Lonewolf, two great photographers Nikolas Bremm and Eric Munck and most of all you the fans who made this such a great evening. We will remember this show for a long time and hope it will not take so long before we come back to France again. Merci beaucup!
PS: And of course also a big „Salut“ to our brother Jens Börner. We hope you will have speedy recovery!!!

Nikolas Bremm