Book Us!

You want to book us for a show? Great!
Please keep in mind that we are a professional hard working band and we will not play for free. So when you write us it would be great if you provide us with the following info if possible:

  • When is the date and time you want us to play?
  • Where is the location you want us to play?
  • Are we the headliners or support for a bigger band?
  • How long do you want us to play?
  • Is there a PA?
  • Is there a backline and if yes send us a list of it!
  • How many bands will play?
  • What do you think how many fans will attend the show?
  • What are the stage measures?
  • Is there a sound, light and stage crew?
  • Is there a shuttle service or can someone pick us up at the airport or train station?
  • How far away is the hotel / hostel from the venue / festival site?
  • How much will you charge for the show / festival?
  • Is there a place to sell our merch and is there someone to sell it?

Of course theres is no need to answer all this questions at once and the first time you contact us, but if we have more answers, it will make it easier to calculate our travelling costs and how much we would charge for the show(s).

ATTENTION: This contact-form is for booking purposes only. We will not answer any other request!

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