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Fuck Corona 2020

Sorry for this long silence here. Because of many private and business reasons we not had to many shows booked and also not too many other news. It´s getting harder and harder to get fair paid shows for us these days and so we tried out some booking agency. Unfortunately that didn´t work out at all so for now we will handle booking on our own. If there is or you know any good booking agency just contact us at booking@paragon-metal.com.
We used the „free“ time to write songs again and so far have rough instrumental demos of six or seven songs. There are some more ideas, so we should have enough for a new record mid 2020. Then we will start to work on the ideas, write lyrics, check arrangements, tempos etc. until we have enough songs ready to enter the studio.
With Corona it´s of course very uncertain when it will be possible again to play regular shows, but hopefully we will start again to play live 2021.
For now „Fuck Corona“ and stay healthy!