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Our next Headliner Show will be at the Fahrdorf Open Air on the 3rd of June 2022 were we will play a full 90min. set!
More infos HERE.

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PARAGON LEGIONS T-Shirts back in stock

You can order the PARAGON LEGIONS T-Shirt reprint now!We had to pay more to print them as in the past, but decided to leave the price as in the past: 17.99€ per T-Shirt plus 7,49€ tracked postage Worldwide. Check them out here:https://bit.ly/36HOJAY

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Rerecording of „Hellgore“…

It has been a long time with no news. I guess most of you know the reason. We didn´t rehearse since the end of 2019 and played our last show on the 4th Of January 2020.
However, we didn´t just sat around and did nothing but more of this in the next days!

For the Japanese release Of „Controlled Demolition“ we rerecorded a new version of „Hellgore“ because it´s some kind of live standard but we are not very satsified with the version on „Screenslaves“. Unfrortunately the Japanese licensor of „Controlled Demolition“ pulled the plug at the last moment so there was no exclusive release in Japan and we didn´t use the song so far.

So when our good friend Christian Kind of the best record store Plattenkiste in Hamburg asked us for a song to make sure he will survive in this hard times we didn´t hesitate for a moment and gave him this unreleased version of „Hellgore“ for his three CD compilation. Other bands to appear are Velvet Viper, Mantar, Endseeker, Accuser, Black Hawk, Titan Steele, The Wizards, Night Demon etc.

You can order the three CD set which is limited to 200 pieces here.

You can also check out the Plattenkiste on Facebook here.

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PARAGON Limited Editon“Controlled Demolition“ Facemask for sale now!

We made a small amount of Facemasks in these crazy times with the „Controlled Demolition“ design. If you want one, please check out the link to our official webstore down below.
PLEASE NOTE: Because of the pandemic, it´s at present not possible to ship to all countries including the USA. You can of course still order and we will ship as soon as possible!

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PARAGON – Mean Machine (Official Video) [Black And White Version] Online!

The Black and White Version of our „Mean Machine“ Video is online now at Massacre Records.

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Our full show at the Knust Hamburg 04.01.2020 is online now. Please note that the show is „only“ recorded and cut for free by a friend of the band who is not a professional. So this is no HD and also the sound is only recorded by the cameras he used!
Check it out here:

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Three encore Songs and tomotrrow full show on YouTube!

A while ago we already posted the three encore songs from our last show at the beginning of 2020 at the Knust Hamburg. The rest of the show will premiere tomorrow evening 20:00 CET.
For now you can check out the encores here at our Official YouTube Channel:

PARAGON – Impaler / Armies Of The Tyrant / Iron Will – 2020-01-04 – Knust – Hamburg

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Sorry for this long silence here. Because of many private and business reasons we not had to many shows booked and also not too many other news. It´s getting harder and harder to get fair paid shows for us these days and so we tried out some booking agency. Unfortunately that didn´t work out at all so for now we will handle booking on our own. If there is or you know any good booking agency just contact us at booking@paragon-metal.com.
We used the „free“ time to write songs again and so far have rough instrumental demos of six or seven songs. There are some more ideas, so we should have enough for a new record mid 2020. Then we will start to work on the ideas, write lyrics, check arrangements, tempos etc. until we have enough songs ready to enter the studio.
With Corona it´s of course very uncertain when it will be possible again to play regular shows, but hopefully we will start again to play live 2021.
For now „Fuck Corona“ and stay healthy!

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PARAGON in Hamburg on 04/01/20

We are happy to return for a show at the Knust Hamburg with our good friends of Iron Savior and Airborn and special guest Sacroscant.
Heavy Metal is the Law!

Thanks to Anna from stroke.and.stitch for the artwork!

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Check out Reviews for „Controlled Demolition“!

PARAGON - Controlled Demolition

Here we have a list, with all reviews for „Controlled Demolition“ we found so far!

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